Sunday, November 7, 2010

War Crimes: Israeli government documents show deliberate policy to keep Gazans at near-starvation levels

Documents whose existence were denied by the Israeli government for over a year have been released after a legal battle led by Israeli human rights group Gisha. The documents reveal a deliberate policy by the Israeli government in which the dietary needs for the population of Gaza are chillingly calculated, and the amounts of food let in by the Israeli government measured to remain just enough to keep the population alive at a near-starvation level. This documents the statement made by a number of Israeli officials that they are "putting the people of Gaza on a diet".

Friday, June 4, 2010

What if it Were Your Child?

...even if a 12-year old had thrown stones at an Israeli army jeep, which is fully armored and bullet-proofed, how could this possibly constitute a threat to the soldiers’ lives? And even if that child had thrown stones at an occupation soldier (a right he is entitled to by the way), torturing him and abusing him sexually cannot be justified even by the staunchest of Israel supporters.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Political Spectrum

This video on YouTube gives an excellent description of the political spectrum. But I wonder what would happen if we took it one step further.

What if we consider that nature abhors a vaccuum? I've long believed that zero government is impossible because in the absence of some sort of organization, someone or something would step in to take charge. Now, consider a 'slow leak'in our political vacuum. I propose that, from any position on that spectrum, there is a natural tendency to the left or Total Government. Only thru constant maintenance of a particular position is it possible to stay in one place on the line. A war or natural disaster may cause a collapse resulting in zero government, but that won't last long, and the natural tendency would be to Total Government almost immediately.

People have a natural desire to control their environment. Since their environment usually consists of other people, the only way to fully control the environment is to control the other people in it. But... the other people don't want to be controlled! So, the best way to get that control is to make those people believe that they are not being controlled, but being 'protected'. This will lull them into a false sense of security and safety making them believe that there new 'leader' is a 'nice guy' when really he's quite ruthless and is just keeping that quiet until the control is in place.

In the case of what's happening today, we are being taken over by a Plutarchy, Oligarchy (government by a small group) combined with Plutocracy, (rule by the wealthy), in other words... Bankers (hence the creation of the Federal Reserve which allowed the theft of money from the people). This sort of government is, by neccesity and design, a Total Government. It does not allow for personal freedom or checks and balances between government entities, because that lessens control. That is why our founding fathers put those things in place in our Republic - To lessen control of the central government as compared to the sovreign individual.

Like the frog in the pot of slowly heating water, we have been lulled into that sense of security and safety. We have had our republic slowly drawn out from under us. Are we now powerless to climb out of the pot? To stop the takeover? The only way to really overcome the takover of a society is by violence. King George III did not just surrender his control over the colonies, he fought to keep that control - and lost. But the colonists could have just as easily been on the losing side and would be considered traitors today.

Those colonists took bravery to a new level. I wonder if there are any alive today who would brave the gallows to attempt to win freedom. There are those who've told me "I haven't lost any rights that I miss", as if there's an acceptable level of slavery that they will accept. The trouble with that is that once the violation of rights begins, it's quite a slippery slope to the absence of rights entirely. Even now, I believe *all* of our rights have been converted into 'priveleges'. We can speak as we please - from 'Free Speech Zones' (an Orwellian concept if I ever heard one). We can worship as we please - as long as it pleases the powers that be. We no longer have a privacy protection in place, the 4th amendment is regularly ignored as we must submit to it's violation in order to travel or enter any government building. We torture in order to overcome those wishing to excercise their 5th amendment rights against self incrimination. We no longer require a trial, or legal representation during that 'enhanced questioning' (obviously).

When will the revolution take place? Probably never. Since it is happening worldwide, there is no 'Cavalry' to come riding in to save us. No ally to assist with additional money, arms or military assistance. Our submission is assured. Our slavery is cast. But that doesn't mean we can't rebel on a personal level. Fight back just in case I'm wrong. Maybe it's not too late... maybe we can overcome the lords. What have we to lose, anyway? A life of slavery? Who will stand and say with sincerity "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death?"

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Gang in Blue... At it Again!

The police are just another, albeit well armed and organized, gang on the street to be avoided whenever possible

Whenever you find yourself even just in the presence of a police officer, at a party or event, politely if possible (impolitely if necessary), excuse yourself out of earshot. If the officer follows you, even at a distance, it is time to leave the party. Police are never off duty. If he/she hears something you say that they feel they can use to incriminate you and further their own carreer, they will. Don't give them the opportunity to hear something innocuous that they can spin into criminal activity... especially if what you say can be construed to be 'terrorist' in nature. If branded a 'terrorist', you can be arrested, spirited away, kept from counsel, tortured all with no formal charge or trial to give you a chance to prove that the police (government) is incorrect in their assertions. Don't give them that opportunity. Make sure your host knows that no information about you should be shared with anyone at the party. Police are dangerous, treat them that way!